Andrew rides his Harley to better client relationships


Andrew Logan has been riding since he was 8 years old, when his father bought him a dirt bike. He took a break after a bad accident in his early 20’s but now rides his Harley Davidson motorcycle to work every day from May through December. This lead him to implement the dress code policy that anyone in the firm can wear jeans everyday they ride a motorcycle to work. In his free time, Andrew has gone on rides with clients and has even taken his bike on long road trips through Canada and the US.

In this episode, Andrew and I talk about how riding his motorcycle provides him with the best therapy he could get. His 25-minute commute in the morning allows him to get his mind right for work. Sometimes, he’ll even take his bike out during lunch to be able to clear his head and get a better perspective. Early in his career, he vowed never to be what everyone considered to be the “stereotypical accountant”, so he’s known to ride his 2011 Harley Fat Bob to client meetings. Andrew finds that “…it enhances the client relationship once they realize you’re not a one-dimensional type of person.” Now that he’s the managing partner, he’s able to make sure that the firm supports everyone’s passions, because he believes “…if firms will let people do the things they’re passionate about, they’ll get paid back in spades.”

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