Drew raps his way to better work connections


Drew Carrick, aka "Petty Ca$h", has always wanted to entertain those around him. Whether it's his original rap songs about accounting or him being his college mascot for a few events, Drew really enjoys standing out, so he was a natural fit for the Green Apple Podcast. His "Public Accounting Anthem" went viral and the rest was history. Colleagues at his firm have recognized his innovation and entertaining skills, and as such deemed him as the "Most Creative". He's even performed his original rap songs at Grant Thornton events, which got the attention of the Marketing group for some special projects.

In this episode, Drew and I talk about how Grant Thornton is doing some things to promote bringing your whole self to work. Drew said, "You shouldn't only be yourself when you're at home or hanging out with your friends. You should be able to be that around the people you work with, too." For most people, work isn't the most important thing in their lives and they need to know that it's not only okay, but the norm. And it definitely doesn't make you any less effective at your job.

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