Episode 86 – Michael Wherry

July 5, 2017

Michael skis his way to better business skills


Michael Wherry has been downhill skiing since he was very young. And now he’s gotten his daughter in the sport, even taking a trip together to Breckenridge, Colorado this past winter. It was during this trip that he realized how much skiing had taught him how to be a better manager. Because everyone has had different experiences, a good manager needs to find the right questions to get others to explain what they’re processing in their head.

In this episode, Michael and I talk about how people need to feel comfortable at work. The firm or company needs to be open to everyone putting small things in their space that show who they are. It’s ideal if management leads the way because, “Newer staff need someone to show them the way that work isn’t everything.” He’s seen some firms do “Busy Season Olypics” playing Minute To Win It type games to break up the monotony, which is something that doesn’t necessarily only have to be during Busy Season.

Michael Wherry is a consultant with Boomer Consulting, Inc.

He graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a BA in Accounting and is certified in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

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