Episode 81 – Amy Hancock

May 31, 2017

Amy’s on both sides of the camera


Amy Hancock first started modeling as a baby and never looked back. She’s now traveled all over the world for photo shoots, both as a model and as a photographer. She feels that her modeling has given her confidence and, as a naturally shy person, it pushed her out of her comfort zone. All of this has been a huge benefit now that she is the owner of her own company.

In this episode, Amy and I talk about how she was almost living two separate lives, hiding her modeling because she worked in a male-dominated industry. She didn’t want to be judged or give them a reason to doubt her technical skills. What she realized after the fact is that most of this was in her own head and once it’s out there, “the right people will think it’s cool.”



Amy Hancock is the Founder and Owner at ElevenLabs in Adelaide, Australia. ElevenLabs placed first in the 2016 Australian Entrepreneurial Challenge in the Agriculture Food and Wine segment. Prior to starting this company, she was a Project Engineer for an energy company.

She graduated from the University of Adelaide with a dual-degree in Pharmaceutical Engineering and Chemical Engineering, graduating with First Class Honors.

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Other pictures of Amy

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Amy winning the Australian Entrepreneurial Challenge with ElevenLabs

Amy’s photography work

Amy’s photography work

ElevenLabs Superfood Protein Blend

Amy on-site engineer.

ElevenLabs natural organic ingredients

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