Episode 75 – Stacy Mueller

April 19, 2017

Stacy bakes her way to better coworker relationships



Stacy Mueller sure knows how to become the most popular person in the office, taking the time to bake cakes to celebrate people’s birthdays. Seriously, who doesn’t love cake?!? She’s also known for quilting and making ginger bread houses, both things that she’s perfected through years of family gatherings.

In this episode, Stacy and I talk about how these passions help humanize her and give the office an opportunity to take a break from only talking about work demands. We also discuss a new policy INT implemented during the interview process where the candidate meets with a few people for a cultural fit interview. The staff don’t ask any technical questions at all but instead focus on the candidate’s outside interests and personality, two things that are vital to a healthy work culture.

Stacy Mueller is the Executive Vice-President and Chief Value Officer at INT.

She graduated with a BA from Concordia College.

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Other pictures of Stacy

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Cookies made to celebrate Minneapolis Woodard group leaders winning the 2017 Scaling New Heights conference “Face the Yeti” Challenge contest.

Cake made for a co-worker’s office baby shower.

One of the early INT office birthday cakes.

Stacy uses her holiday vacation time to make gingerbread houses every year.

A Frank Lloyd Wright stained-glass window replica quilt made for her boss.

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