Comedy That Connects

John Garrett Lives Outside the Box

(aka “Team building without the Trust Falls”)

Be the office hero. Rescue your team from the expected and bring John in to deliver a new take on corporate team building.

As a CPA-turned-humorist, John attended his fair share of corporate events in his previous professional life. Like you, John grew tired of traditional team building events with their “trust-falls”, corny “ice-breakers” and messages from a speaker who hadn’t worked a single day in a cubicle.

Be the office hero.

Today, John is a corporate entertainer on a mission: to help teams break down barriers, foster unity, and strengthen bonds. He simply does it with a different approach: laughter.

Each event features a stand-up comedy performance as well as a lively interactive game show, delivering funny material that’s always corporate clean.

What You Can Expect from John

  • Team building OutcomesOpen or Close

    John’s program has a lasting impact on employee morale by strengthening relationships through humor. Teams who laugh together are happier at work, less stressed and work together more effectively. Laughter has the power to create a greater sense of interconnectedness, something every organization can benefit from.

  • Customized Content Open or Close

    Expect comedy that resonates with employees and material that’s completely customized to your company and your industry–capitalizing on the concept that “It’s funny because it’s true.”

  • Audience InteractionOpen or Close

    Engaged audiences are happy audiences! John will lead an interactive game show involving members of your group that always prompts big laughs.

  • ProfessionalismOpen or Close

    In event planning, it’s not just the end results that matter, but the process itself. John’s professionalism extends beyond the stage to make planning an event with him easy, enjoyable, and stress-free. Check out his Service Commitment.

  • Clean MaterialOpen or Close

    If “Big Four” accounting firms, major corporations and professional associations can trust John–you can, too. Rest assured that his always-hilarious-always-clean message appeals to a wide variety of audiences.

  • Emcee Open or Close

    Would you like to make sure your event runs smoothly? John has hosted everything from multi-day conferences to two-hour awards ceremonies. He provides transitions between speakers and can even insert some humor as needed.

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What does humor have to do
with team building?

Bringing everyone together through laughter is clinically proven to:
– reduce stress
– increase productivity
– increase communication skills for team building

The Harvard Business Review says, “The workplace needs laughter. Laughter relieves stress and boredom, boosts engagement and well-being, and spurs not only creativity and collaboration but also analytic precision and productivity.”

How much productivity? According to the Stanford Medicine ScopeBlog, a study “found happiness made people about 12 percent more productive.”


When the team planning this event had informed me that we were hiring a comedian, I took it at face value… But the outcome was much more profound than I had expected…Even weeks after your performance, it’s amazing to see how this event has lent more levity and cohesiveness to our team.

John’s quick wit, clean humor, and ability to pick up small yet funny details made it enjoyable for all. We’d love to have him back…next week!

Garrett is sharp, wry, quick, and clean – everything you could possibly hope for and more. He is a breeze to work with in shaping his presentation and is naturally funny to be around even before he steps into the spotlight.

If you are looking for a fun and different way to build company morale, treat your employees and share a common laugh, invite John Garrett to join your event. You won’t be disappointed!

As a meeting planner, it’s such a good feeling to hear throughout the conference the wonderful things people were saying about you. Thank you for helping make us look so good!

Most impressive was John’s ability to incorporate material from the event into his set. His witty delivery and ability to incorporate the entire program into his performance was an unexpected bonus.

John’s professionalism, preparation style and performance execution was, quite simply, STUPENDOUS! I would highly recommend John for any corporate event that could use some fast-pace, high-charged comic relief. He’ll go above and beyond to connect with your group and will deliver a performance that people will be talking about long after your event is over.

In the days following our event, I received many phone calls from our clients praising your sharp wit and ability to find humor in everyday situations.

I cannot think of a better way to have ended our anniversary event than with your humor. I, along with the attendees, was most impressed with your customization to our event and our audience. You definitely made us shine and we thank you!


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Sign up now and you'll even get 3 free tracks from his comedy album currently heard on Sirius|XM Radio.

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